Camberwick Soldier Skittles
File these under "short,but sweet" -and that goes for my description too.........

A nice,early little set featuring Captain Snort,Sergeant Major Grout and six "soldier boys".
Made in 1966 by Codeg (aka Cowan De Groot) with the figures and balls all made of plastic and the box measuring approximately 18" x 6",just to give an idea of scale.

I realise kids were an easy lot to please back then,with an almost total absence of any high-tech distractions,but a chute for the ball wouldn't have killed them.
Not that kids ever pass up the chance to knock something over of course,chute or no chute.And even today's pre-schooler's would probably find these irresistable.

Sadly,they'll have to make to do with the Postman Pat equivalent -or whoever happens to be flavour of the month at the moment. Because boxed examples of these are very thin on the ground.And if you've invested the amount of time and cash required to get hold of a set,it's highly unlikely you'd want to let junior get anywhere near it.
And,on behalf of collectors everywhere,please don't ! Quite apart from the fact the paint is almost certainly lead-based.
Mind you,we've been told for decades how bad the stuff is,and imported toys are still being recalled because of it.
And,the last I heard,smoking wasn't a good idea either,but they still sell cigarettes.

Personally,I find a quick chorus of "driving along in a baker's van" helps relieve the burden of such weighty issues.
Solves nothing.Incurs ridicule.But you'll never get an ulcer.
Although if you wait for a boxed set of these to turn up you may well end up causing yourself a mischief as you trip over your long,white beard.
Because this is the only example I've ever seen........and I do mean ever !