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This is your gateway to every bit of Trumptonalia that isn't a book.

For anyone that hasn't had a look at the Q & A page,it's worth repeating that I don't personally own all these items.
Which basically means that where I do,the page will be a good deal better than where I don't.
Because,so far,most of the gaps have been filled-in with the help of other people's ebay listings, And,whilst invaluable,the descriptions & photographs often leave a lot to be desired of course.

But even if it's just a solitary fuzzy picture and a 2 line description,at least it's confirmation of an item's existance and something to build on.
And I'm hoping that as the site gets better known,visitors like yourself will become the all-important 3rd source.  (email on home page)
Toys Section 2 -  Mechanical

Friction Drive Windy Tricycle  by Codeg

Friction Drive Dr.Mopp Car by Louis Marx

Camberwick Wind-Up Figures  by MM

Climbing Fireman  by Louis Marx

Talking Fire Engine  by Bradgate
Board and Card Games

Snakes & Ladders by Topsail Games

Camberwick Race Game by Arrow

Camberwick "Snap" by Medallion Press

TV Lotto by Medallion Press

TV Dominoes by Medallion Press

TV Ludo  by Michael Stanfield Products

Camberwick Bagatelle  by Louis Marx
Make and Create

Paint by Numbers by Philmar

Camberwick 'Wipe-Off Cards' by  ?

Wipe Away Colouring set by Dekkertoys (1990's)

Plasticine Sets by Harbutts

Rub Down Transfers by Letraset

Slot-Together Models by Emmann Products

Iron-On Motifs by a Swiss manufacturer

Victory Play Tray by G.J.Hayter

Knitted figures by Alan Dart

Camberwick 'Jigbits'  by Kiddicraft
Toys Section 1 - Non-mechanical

Camberwick Village Folk by Codeg

Camberwick Miniatures by Codeg

Squeeky Toys  by Combex

Camberwick Skittles  by Codeg

Pop-Up and Flop Figures  by OK Toys

Flashy Flickers Projector  by Louis Marx

"Twistables" figures  by Louis Marx

Stand-Up Cut-Out wooden figures by Philmar
Household items

Toiletries by Jean Sorelle/Wright Umney & Layman

Paper Cups & Plates by Pleasure Products

Egg Cups  by MM of Hong Kong (unconfirmed)

Biscuit Tin by Kemps of Grimsby

1966 to 1979  >  Camberwick     Trumpton     Chigley

Manufacturers:- Arrow Games & Falcon Games

1980 to present (all 3 series

Manufacturers:- Handley Printers, Abydos & JoyBlocks.

Note - Camberwick "Jigbits" under "Make and Create"

Postcards by Arthur Dixon

Beswick         Danbury Mint         Robert Harrop

Windmill Bakery
Media - Music,PC etc.

Vinyl LP Records and CD by various labels

Trumpton PC Fun Pack  by Allsorts Distribution
Help finding your item .........

The vast majority range from 1966 to the 1980's. Anything later will be flagged-up accordingly.
Some items are tricky to categorise,so they might be under a heading you wouldn't necessarily have chosen yourself.
But if you're still struggling,there are 2 last options :-

First,check the "Notable Absentees" section further down this page,where you'll find a few surprises I think.

And if you still come up empty then please see the Q & A page for further guidance.
Toys Section 3 - Textile

Rag Bricks  by Dean and sons

Glove Puppets  by Chad Valley

Camberwick Figures  by H.C.Ford (aka H.C.F)
Notable Absentees

You won't find any of the following items included above.
And you may be even more surprised to learn that it's simply because they don't actually exist.

I'm talking about notable brands and manufacturers of the time who could easily have hooked up with Trumptonshire.
But didn't.

"Why   ?"

Well,your guess is as good as mine.But I can only imagine it was simply a failure to agree terms in most cases.
Because they're all such an obvious fit that it's hard to believe licensing deals weren't at least discussed at some point.

Which is a pity. But when you look at all the stuff that was actually produced,then maybe we didn't do too badly.

In no particular order :-

Pelham Puppets.

A big surprise this one.Particularly as they hooked up with other series like The Magic Roundabout and The Wombles.
And the early to mid 70's would've been an ideal time to get it together,as both parties needed a boost,and sales would've been underpinned by the continuing tv repeats.
But it wasn't to be.

Corgi and Dinky Toys.

Not a single Trumptonshire product from either company.Which is particularly odd when you consider the amount of vehicles featured in all 3 series.
It's been suggested to me that maybe the target audience was actually just a bit too young.
Although I'm not exactly sure what their age demographic was......if indeed they actually had one.

Chad Valley "Give-A-Show" Projector.

It should be said that there was a "Watch With Mother" set produced in 1968.........but it didn't feature Trumptonshire.
Instead,Gordon Murray hooked up with a rival slide projector produced by the Louis Marx company,called "Flashy Flickers" (listed above) And,apart from Disney,there seems to have been little,if any,licensing crossovers between the two.

Huntley and Palmers Biscuit Tins.

Perhaps a slightly less obvious merchandising opportunity,until you realise the company produced sets of tins for other pre-school tv series like Muffin the Mule and Watch With Mother contemporary "The Herbs".
And it wasn't as though Trumptonshire was a biccie-free zone either,because Kemps of Grimsby produced a cracking little one-off in 1968,listed above under "Household Items".

Melamine Tableware by Gaydon.

Melamine was one of those classic 60's innovations.Harder to break than traditional ceramics,but also easily scratched and subject to discolouration and fading. And much of it was soon consigned to landfill,where it sits with hundreds of tons of other brave-new-world design.
Plates and cereal bowls were made featuring the likes of The Pogles and The Magic Roundabout amongst others.
So part of me still hopes there are some Trumptonshire ones out there somewhere.
But common sense tells me there's a very good reason why I've yet to see any........which is why they're included here.

If you can think of any others I've missed then please let me know.
As ever,the email is on the home page. Thanks
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