Kemps Biscuits
A tin of biscuits produced by"Kemps Biscuits Ltd,Great Coates,Grimsby,Lincs,England".

Approximately 9" x 8.5" and 4" tall.
It carries a 1968 copyright date and is "nett weight 3lb"
Which is a lot of biccies,although there's nothing to say what sort they were sadly.

Kemps started manufacturing in 1926 and were eventually
taken over by United Biscuits in 1972.
But that's all I know about them.And it would be nice to find out some more and get a few pics of the factory around the late 60's when this tin was produced.Anyone ?

When you think of decorative biscuit tins though,it's usually Huntley & Palmer that springs to mind.
And they certainly produced similar kids' tv spin-offs.
But they were usually sets rather than one-off's like this. Which makes it all the more surprising that they never did anything for Trumptonshire,when you consider the wide range of well-known characters and locations it offered. And you can only presume it boiled down to money, because it's hard to believe it wasn't at least discussed.
But,whatever the reason,H & P join the list of "most likely candidates who got away." [see bottom of non-books page]
Which is a pity.But one tin's better than none,and certainly when the artwork's as engaging as this.And if the biccies were half-as-good as the tin I'd like to think it sold well -if only to reward Kemps for taking a punt and doing it so well.

Either way,it's certainly one of my favourite bits of Trumptonalia,and it makes me smile whenever I see it.
Easily pleased ? Probably. And I'm not even going to try and claim I bought it purely to store things in either !
Close-up pics of the top and all 4 side panels follow....