Dr.Mopp Car
A friction drive car by the famous Louis Marx Toy company in Swansea,and carrying a 1967 copyright.

This is a rather curious one really. And "curious" for 2 reasons :-

1} Because it was a one-off,even though there were plenty of other Camberwick vehicles they could have done as well.
2} Because,with the best will in the world,I can't imagine any kid pestering their parents to buy anything to do with dear old Dr.Mopp.

All of which may go some way to explaining why it's really not difficult to pick up a nice boxed example-many of which are so good that you have to presume they were unsold stock.

Made of plastic with metal components,and no more than 4" tall,its' only selling point was a 'push and go' friction drive mechanism.

One of those items that,I'm guessing,has probably found a more receptive market among today's collector's,than it did when first sold.