A Camberwick Painting by numbers set produced by Philmar in 1970

Ideal for the artistically-challenged ........ like me.
Paint by Numbers
The box is approximately 36 cm x 26 cm x 2.5 cm  [or,in inches,about 14 x 10 x 1]

Contents :-
  • 5 Pictures - 3 large + 2 smaller.
  • Small supplementary information note
  • Brush
  • Solid blocks of water colour paint.
  • Internal packaging = pre-formed plastic tray with mixing wells,plus a thin card shelf that the pictures sit on.
The "5 pictures to paint" mentioned on the box lid are just thin grade paper.
3 large and 2 smaller ones.And the smaller ones are "as sold", and haven't been cut-down. 
There's also a small slip of "Please Note" paper shown above.

In fact this example is all completely untouched.
And the only question mark about its originality is clearly the brush ....... unless Philmar decided to change to a bigger one after the plastic trays had been designed.Which seems unlikely,but maybe not that far-fetched considering the rest of the set is completely "as was".And,unless there's a photo of the contents in a sales brochure somewhere,I doubt we'll ever know the definitive answer.

But I used to love these sorts of things as a kid.And don't let them lull you into a false sense of security either.
Because some of those numbered sections are darn small for a small child to have to fill in with a brush and watery paint.
But you can click on them below and judge for yourself. [complete with some foxing btw.]