Snap Card Game
"Snap" card game,produced by Medallion Press in 1970.

If it's true that the simple pleasures in life really are the best,then I suppose "Snap" is pretty hard to beat.
And here we have the Camberwick version -allbeit an example with a very battered box.
And printed in Austria -which is worth mentioning if only because its a country that I can't ever recall featuring in the production of any other UK toys or books of the period.

The set has 11 different picture cards,with 4 copies of each ie. 44 in total plus a blank.
The "blank" is the 1st one below.Although I've shown the reverse side,which is what you'll find on the back of all 44.

Has "Snap" died a death  ?  I've no idea.
But if it hasn't I'd imagine it's probably slowly shuffling off into toy oblivion along with the likes of
Tiddlywinks and Snakes & Ladders.
Which would be a shame.But it looks like this particular example may have struggled to capture the
imagination even as far back as 1970,simply because there was no follow-up Trumpton version.
And whilst it's a long way from being on Trumptonalia's "most endangered" list, they're not nearly as
easy-to-find as you might expect.

But if you're looking for a relatively cheap and colourful bit of Trumptonalia then look no further.
Because items that feature stills from the series are thin on the ground,and all the better for it.
Most appear to have been specially staged too,rather than lifted directly from the broadcast footage.
And,for trivia buffs,the photo that appears on the front of the box was also used on the sleeve of one of the LP's as well as a book cover .....and the image was also flipped and used for the 1st set of cards below.
I've typed out "The Rules" that appear on the back of the box.
Not that there's a whole lot to know of course.But I always find it annoying when you can't make out writing in internet pics -even when I'm not that interested what it actually says. So,for anyone that is ......

" Any number can play.The 44 cards are dealt face down to each player.Each player puts his cards,unseen,face down in front of him.The player left of the dealer turns up his top card and places it,face up,in front of him,so starting another stack.When two cards with the same picture turn up,the first player to shout "Snap!" takes thos two stacks and adds them,face down,under his own pack.If a player calls "Snap!" in error or if two call simultaneously,their cards are placed up in the centre to form a pool.When a card turns up identical to that on the top of the pool,the first player to call "Snap Pool!" takes the pack.The winner is the player who gets all the cards."
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