Vinyl Records
Six vinyl LP's were produced in total,and there's 1 CD too. And even Chigley got a look in ...... on 2 of them !

Personally,I don't think you can beat audio storytelling for young kids,whatever the medium.
Which is why it's a shame that only 1 of these 6 takes that approach,rather than simply delivering wall-to-wall music.

The problem with listening to any of the other 5 is that I think even a child would find it all sounded very "same-y" after a while.And the fact they sold by the bucketload doesn't necessarily mean they were universally well received of course. Which isn't a criticism of the songs,because they were never intended to be played one after the other en masse.

If you're interested in the track listings then click on the pics to see the backs of the sleeves.
They had to be large to make the text fully legible,so if it isn't then your browser has automatically reduced the size to fit the window.

I should also just finish by saying that the lone storytelling LP,mentioned above,is also the only one to be re-released on CD. And details of both are at the bottom of the page here
" Welcome to Camberwick Green " reference no. MFP 1109.

It was the 1st of the 6 to be released,and came out in 1966 to cash-in on the series stellar tv debut.
The label was "Music for Pleasure",which was an EMI subsiduary.
And the publishers,Paul Hamlyn,also get a credit,as all 4 sleeve pics come from 2 of their books -"Peter the Postman" & "Windy Miller's Birthday"
It was mono,not stereo.And it slotted into a very varied MFP stable that went from pre-school right through to high-brow opera,and most points in between -according to the ads on the interior record sleeve.

There's no track listing on the sleeve,but they're shoe-horned onto the labels on the vinyl.And basically what you get is every tune that appears in Camberwick Green.
Each character's song is simply listed as "Thomas Tripp" etc but,for some reason, Mr.Crockett's is singled out with a particular flourish as "Crockett's Polka" Which,according to my ancient copy of the Concise Oxford Dictionary,is a "lively dance of Bohemian origin in binary time" .And could equally be applied to most of them I'd have thought. In other words, "a good time had by all ! "

" A Visit to Trumpton " reference no. MFP 1189.

This was the second one that came out.And apart from being Trumpton rather than Camberwick,it was very similar to the one above was again released on the MFP label -this time a year later in 1967 to coincide with Trumpton's tv debut- and,again,showcases all its music.
" Come to Chigley " reference no. MFP 1352

This Chigley effort completed the Trilogy,and followed exactly the same format as the previous 2 -again released on the MFP label -this time 3 years after the trumpton release in 1970 to coincide with Chigley's tv debut in autumn 1969- and,again,showcases all its music.
Unlike the other 2 though,this was actually in stereo.But,being Chigley,it still didn't sell as well.

Releases 4,5 and 6

As the first 3 releases covered all the music from all 3 series,these were fundementally all re-jigged releases.
The only slightly surprising thing is that Trumpton & Chigley got 2 joint compilations,but they never teamed Trumpton up with Camberwick.And I can only assume that may have been some sort of contractural thing,as MFP had nothing to do with LP's 4,5 & 6.But that's just a guess and the real reason may well be far more mundane.

" All the Music from Trumpton and Chigley "

This is a 1976 effort produced by BBC Records & Tapes and distributed by Pye.
Vinyl Ref. REC 234 Mono.And also available on cassette MRMC 044.
Featuring all the music from both series,with Side 1 for Trumpton,as listed on the sleeve front.And Side 2 for Chigley as listed on the back.
" Songs from Chigley and Trumpton "

Produced by another EMI subsiduary called "Starline" Ref. SRS 5085  -and in stereo.
Not sure why it was Starline and not the other EMI subsiduary they used for the first 3 releases - "MFP"
And,strangely,there's also no mention of the release date anywhere to be found.Just the original copyright dates for both series.But it's definitely 1970's and more likely to be mid rather than early 70's I think.

And the difference between this one and the other Trumpton & Chigley compilation one pictured above it   ?
Well,"not a lot" is the simple answer.
But if a tune's worth whistling,it's worth re-releasing !

" Camberwick Green "

This 1977 one [green border] was the 2nd one to be produced by BBC Records & Tapes and distributed by Pye.
Ref. REC 263 Mono.

It's also quite a departure from the other 5 Trumptonshire releases,because it does away with wall-to-wall music and just has recordings of 2 full Camberwick episodes -"Peter the Postman" & "Windy Miller"

It also poses 2 tantalising questions :-

1} Why weren't more of this type produced,when storytelling for young children was standard fayre on vinyl  ?
2} Has anyone seen RBT 13  ?
Because it says on the sleeve that it was "First issued on disc as RBT 13 in 1972".
So I can only presume the sleeve photo was exactly the same as this re-release or else we'd obviously have spotted it by now.
As I don't have either one,maybe someone can check theirs and see if it's the RBT 13,1972 version ? Just so we can clear it up. [email on home page]
Because the Beeb are convinced it exists as they also reiterate the claim below .......

...... because it was also re-released many years later in 2010 as a CD by "BBC Audiobooks"  ISBN: 9781408427408
Part of a range of "Classic albums first available as BBC LPs, now on CD for the first time ever"
The collective marketing title was "Vintage Beeb",and it encompassed all sorts of other BBC entertainment from the vinyl era.
I haven't bothered to reproduce the sleeve notes because it's basically just a precis of the 2 episodes.And there's not a whole lot else of interest.But it's a nice one to finish off the page with.