Wipe Off Cards
"Colour - Wipe Off - Colour Again" 1960's Card set

The rather grainy ebay pic is the only example of this set that I've ever seen.And I know absolutely nothing about it other than what you can see.
So if you're the lucky owner then please get in touch - email on home page.

I was always a bit ambivolent towards "wipe-offs" when I was a kid,because I couldn't see the fun in colouring the same pictures over and over again.And they never truely wiped clean anyway,which didn't help.

Yes it saved paper and helped the planet,but that wasn't something any 60's/70's child got very excited about.
Which is why we could enjoy the truely wasteful bit of artistic expression provided by "Spiromatic".
An ostensibly simple paint centrifuge toy that got through paper,batteries,poster paint and marker pens at a truely frightening rate.But what a great bit of kit.
Not to be confused with the equally paper-hungry "Spirograph" of course,and absolutely nothing to do with Trumptonshire. But it sits proudly in my top 3 of "best ever toys" and I just thought I'd share the memory with you in a shameless attempt to plump up the page while we wait for some news on the matter-in-hand.
Which one would you want to find in your xmas stocking  ?
Well,someone clearly thought that Wipe-off's were a good idea because in 1997,Dekkertoys released another Cambw. version. And the page for that one is here