Chigley Jigsaws
The only 3 Chigley jigsaws ever produced .............The Trumpton ones are HERE.........The Camberwick ones are HERE

1970 :-  Set of 3 by Arrow Games.  Arrows set reference - No. 2269.

Large box,yellow edge -approx. 11" x 9" (28cm x 23cm)
Comprises 20 large card pieces.
No descriptive titles,just "1 of 3","2 of 3" etc,as well as the same set reference number that appears on all of them.

As this was the only Chigley set produced the sales figures clearly weren't great.
And that's more than borne out by the lack of survivors.With the orchard scene generally being the hardest to find of the 3,probably because it just looks much less interesting than the other 2 and sold even less than they did.

No great surprise really.
As Chigley failed to have anything like the same viewer impact as the other 2 series.Which meant that far less merchandise was produced.And the few things that did actually make it to the shelves never sold well enough to encourage any more.

And if you're curious as to "why ?",it's discussed on the main trumpton site here  (although not necessarily resolved ! )
There were only 3 in this set

The Trumpton ones are HERE         The Camberwick ones (pre-1980) are HERE         Camberwick (post-1980) are HERE