Q. This site   ?

Answer -  I put together the trumpton3 site,and decided the merchandise was a big enough subject to merit a site of its own. So here it is.
It's a reference library,not a shop.Simply an attempt to catalogue the items and find out as much as we can for the benefit of anyone who's interested.
And whilst the obvious follow-up questions are "Why you ?", "Why Trumpton ?",and "Why bother ?",I'm afraid the best I can come up with is "Why not ?". Which even I find rather unsatisfactory. So let's move on.......

Q. Where do you get all the site content from  ?

Answer -  3 main sources.
To get the site up and running,the majority of the initial entries are based on....
1) my own stuff......and........2) old ebay listings
And,hopefully,the 3rd source will be you,as more people get to know about the site.

Q. How much of it do you personally own  ?

Answer -  I've got quite a varied selection,as you'd probably expect.
But I certainly don't claim to have the world's biggest collection of Trumptonalia.And I never will have either.
Because I'm far too picky to be a completeist collector.And whilst I can absolutely understand why people are,I've just settled on an approach that works for me.And if you don't enjoy your collecting then why bother ?

But........and it's an important "but"...........Please forget about all that personal stuff.
This site isn't about the size of my collection,or anyone else's.
It's simply about Trumptonalia. It's all-inclusive. And your input will ultimately decide just how far we get,
because I'm never going to have all the answers.

Q. Why isn't 'xyz' listed   ? 

Answer -  3 simple explanations:- either,
1) I haven't got around to uploading it yet.
2) I know about it,but don't have anything tangible to upload.
Or, 3) I'm unaware it actually exists.

Q. I've got 'xyz' that may be of interest. Do you want to know about it   ?

Answer - Yes please ! Photos or just some basic information are always gratefully received.
You can have an on-site credit or remain anonymous.It's completely upto you.
Just touch bases with me before sending anything in.Because if I have it and it's simply awaiting inclusion,I don't want to waste your time.And you can find the email address on the Home page.

Q. How much merchandise is there exactly   ?

Answer -  Good question. And the answer is I've no idea.
But I doubt even Gordon Murray still has a record of everything he licensed.So the best we can probably ever hope to achieve here is "very comprehensive" rather than "definitive". But the fun lies in the gentle journey of discovery rather than the ultimate destination.Which is just as well when you've got no idea where you're going to end up.

Q. How much current merchandise is there   ?

Answer - There's been next-to-nothing for about the last 15 years or so,apart from the regular production of Robert Harrop figures that have appeared every year since 1997.
But,in 2014,even they announced that the series would no longer form part of their regular production,except for a few possible one-off's.
Personally I thought "time" should've been called years ago *.But they clearly held all the aces in that particular licensing negotiation when there was so little revenue coming in from elsewhere.
With regard to any other merchandise,unlicensed bits and pieces regularly crop up on ebay,like fridge magnets and badges.Which are usually poor quality,quite apart from being illegal of course.And none of it will be featured here.
And if you have any concerns about the legitimacy of an item,then your best bet is to contact ClassicMedia.tv (formerly Entertainment Rights),who currently handle the Trumptonshire account on behalf of Mr. Murray.
* The Harrop trumptonalia page is here (written in 2011,and explaining why I thought they were well past their sell-by-date even then.)

Q. How much is 'xyz' worth   ?

Answer - I don't usually mention prices on site because of all the variables involved
ie. First and foremost,condition.But also,where it was sold,and if on ebay,how and when it was listed....  etc etc etc.
I've been a keen enough observer of prices over the years to know what most things should go for.But if I was clever enough to accurately 2nd guess what everyone was willing to pay,I'd be permanently sunning myself on a beach somewhere,courtesy of the lottery.
Not that it really matters anyway,because most items can be picked up very cheaply.
Although unusual or mint & boxed examples can go for surprisingly large amounts,and where that happens I'll probably make reference to it - if only because I need to write it down to believe it myself sometimes !

Q. Can I simply share some thoughts and memories with everyone   ?

Answer - You certainly can,and it's always good to hear from people.Please use the guestbook on the homepage or if it's long & involved you can always email me (see next question)

Q. I've got a question you've haven't answered. Can I contact you ?

Answer -  Yes,of course. The email link can be found on the Home page.
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