FOAM BATH ..........

Wright,Layman also produced some "Foam Bath" in squeezy plastic containers.
130ml tubes,approximately 16.5cm tall,with a character image on the front.

Unlike the talc,they don't carry a date. But the ad,to the right,comes from a 1971 magazine.
The use of words like "glee" & "super" are very much of the time of course.
As is the font used for "Camberwick Green",and the type of styllised design on the tubes.
Although quite why they chose to use a photo with the kids' hair like that has long since
disappeared down the plughole I'm afraid.  Bizarre.

And it's pretty safe to assume there were more than the 2 characters featured,because the
same company also produced a much fuller range of toothpaste characters .........
at around the same time,and using virtually the same tube design.
Which makes you wonder how many mums absent-mindedly squirted toothpaste in the bath water !

A selection of the Wright,Layman products mentioned on this page also ended up in various "Camberwick Green Gift Packs" that appeared later on in the 1970's.

The talc tins still carry the same 1970 copyright mark,so I suppose it's not totally inconceivable that they were original leftover stock.Which probably isn't that far-fetched as I'm not sure talc and foam bath actually have a shelf do they ?
And we already know that the character soaps can still look shop-fresh even decades later.
Anyhow,new or not,all the constituent parts of these gift packs look exactly the same as the originals,with just the addition of some nice colourful boxes to house them in.
And perhaps the most obvious question is why they didn't do it when the individual products were first launched ? Because if they did I've certainly never seen any.

SOAP FIGURES ..........

As well as the talc and foam bath,above,the ubiquitous Wright,Layman & Umney also produced a range of individually packaged novelty soap figures in 1970.

There's no definitive news on exactly how many different characters there were.But,in addition to the 5 pictured here,I've also seen Windy and The Mayor.

So that means 3 of the 7 are Trumpton residents,
despite them all being in "Camberwick" branded boxes.

Photo left to right -
Messrs Cobbit,Flack,Snort,McGarry and Murphy.
So far,Wright,Layman have manufactured everything on this page.

But they didn't have it all to themselves.
Because a company called Jean Sorelle also produced a very similar range of individual Camberwick soaps.
And the pic to the left is one of their retail trade display packs

None of the individual boxes mention other characters.But there were at least 7 because,in additon to the 4 Camberwick ones pictured,I've also got another 3 from Trumpton,shown further down the page.

Strangely,there's no copyright date on any of them.
But I know they're definitely later than the Wright,Umney ones,and came out sometime in the 1970's.

If you're thinking of getting hold of one now,and condition's important to you,then just be aware that they're very susceptible to chips.
And they should also be a uniformly creamy yellow colour.
Because survivors can range from being almost orangery right through to bleached white.And I presume that's far more down to the way they're stored than the vaguaries of how soap ages naturally.

But if you find one with any colours outside that spectrum then someone's just got a bit creative with a paint brush or marker pen.
And I've seen a couple of those over the years.
Which probably isn't so surprising as I'd imagine many were bought simply as playthings for the kids,rather than useable toiletries.
Because an irregular-shaped bar of soap with lots of unforgiving edges is hardly the most tactile of bathroom experiences.

But the good news,from a modern day collector's point of view,is that  quite a few clearly never got anywhere near a child.Because it's still possible to find some really nice ones with equally good boxes.

The ultimate in good,clean Trumptonshire fun !
Toiletries  =  Talcum Powder ....... Foam Bath ....... Soap ....... Gift Sets       ( Toothpaste has its' own page here )

TALCUM POWDER ..........

These days a humble tin of talcum powder may seem a somewhat odd choice to get the licensing treatment.
But back in the 60's & 70's it was a very common piece of merchandising for any tv series targetting the younger viewer. And all the examples that I can think of were related to puppet-based series,with the likes of The Magic Roundabout,The Clangers,The Herbs & Captain Scarlet all represented,amongst others.And talc clearly had a much higher product profile than it does now to merit the treatment.But,rather than pondering the vaguaries of talcum powder usage and sales through the decades,let's just be thankful for the legacy,because they all share the same sort of really colourful artwork that puts a smile on your face. And this Camberwick version is no different.

A metal tin with a plastic top,produced by Wright,Layman & Umney Ltd of London.
It's approximately 10 cm tall x 5 cm wide,and has a 1970 copyright mark.

We'll ignore the fact that The Mayor of Trumpton appears on a Camberwick Green product.Because it's a bit like calling every brand of vacuum cleaner a "Hoover" ie. not strictly accurate,but universally understood.

It also featured as part of various toiletry gift sets that came out much later at the end of the 70's (bottom of page)
Although I've yet to see any evidence that it was bundled together with the other toiletries when first sold.

Ebay tip:-
Scratches to the paintwork will invariably have gone rusty.
So always ask about the sides you aren't shown (including the base.)               

Nice enough artwork to merit a good look at all 4 sides.
Just a reminder - toothpaste has its own page here
So,let's have a look at those 3 Trumpton examples from the Sorelle range that I've managed to obtain.
The Mayor,Mrs Cobbit and Captain Flack .......

The boxes are 11cm tall,although the actual soaps do vary in height slightly. With Captain Flack noticeably a touch shorter among this batch.
Each box follows exactly the same design format though :-
Top :-             character name.
Bottom :-        white & blank,except for a Sorelle reference number,"REF. 801"
Front panel :- character image
Side panels :- images relating to that character ie. the Mayor has the Town hall on one & Mayorial car on the other
Back panel :-  the same text information on every one.         Below,all 4 side panels. Pics 1 & 2,the Mayor and so on.
Unfortunately I've never seen any of the Wright Layman (W.L) ones close-up,so comparisons are tricky when all I have to go on is that decidedly 3rd hand photo further up the page.
But the designs are so similar that I can only assume the moulds were produced to a single set of drawings supplied by Gordon Murray,rather than designed in-house by the 2 different companies.
But they're spot-on whoever did them.And Sorelle should also be complimented on the quality of the finish too,because it's really striking just how crisply executed they are.
( judgement deferred on W.L versions until I get some.......or someone sends in some good pics. Email on home page )

Of course there's no reason why you shouldn't get great results pouring liquid soap into quality moulds,and still be able to do it relatively cheaply.But commercial expediency usually means the results are compromised somewhere along the line.
But not here. And it's always refreshing to see such quality......even down to the individually printed boxes rather than a one-design-fits-all.And the net result is that they compare very favourably with a lot of character soaps from other 1960's and 70's kids tv shows.