TV Dominoes Game
1970's Dominoes,Camberwick-style.

This a very much a sister product to the TV Lotto game,also produced by Medallion Press in 1970.
There's no mention of Philmar on this one though,and I'm still trying to clarify the relationship between the 2 companies.

The box is about 12" x 4" and 1.25" tall.
It contains 28 dominoes.Each one a piece of thick card approximately 3.75" x 1.75" -colour printed on one side with 2 headshots of Camberwick characters,and blank on the other.
There are no instructions printed on the box.But it came with a single sheet loose inside,like the TV Lotto.Missing from this one sadly,and I'd certainly need to refer to it because I wouldn't have the foggiest idea where to start frankly-even if I remember enough about the game to know it's not exactly complicated !
This particular version's quite cheap-and-cheerful too.With the contents made of card rather than wood or plastic.And the imagery consisting of artistic impressions rather than the still photos used for the TV Lotto.
Although quite why the Lotto was so blessed is a mystery,because Medallion's two equivalent sets for the Magic Roundabout both used artwork and all four were produced at the same time.
Not that the kids would have been unduely worried about any of that of course,and they might even have preferred the artwork,as it's nothing if not colourful.
And the set was relatively cheap too,so mum and dad would've been happy.

All those things tend to work against it as a modern day collectable.But only from a seller's point of view,as it's not only quite easy to find,but usually pretty cheap as well.
And here are all 28 of the individual domino pieces,just to let you know exactly what you'd be getting ........