TV Lotto Game
But what we have here is essentially just a simple bingo-type game.Lifted above the mundane by the fact that all the images are still photos of the original sets and models.And not only that,but specially staged for the purpose too,rather than lifted directly from the series.Which is a slighty curious bonus when you consider that the TV Dominoes set only used artistic representations -as did both the corresponding sets they produced for The Magic Roundabout.

The box measures approximately 25cm x 19cm
- 6 pieces of stiff card ("base cards") each approximately 18cm x 12cm & each with 6 photos,all numbered 1 to 36.
- 36 seperate matching pieces of card,each approximately 6cm square ie.clones of the base cards,but cut-up.
- Small slip of paper with rules.
The 6 "base cards" are below.
Old-school Bingo,Camberwick-style.

"Medallion Press Ltd" produced this TV Lotto game in 1970,and also released a sister Camberwick product at the same time - TV Dominoes.
There's also a mention of "Philmar" on this one,who were another toy company.Although I've yet to establish the link between the two.
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FOOTNOTE - I've included a pic of the equivalent Magic Roundabout set I mentioned earlier HERE